This is a reclamation project, designed to reframe the narrative and celebrate the history of what served us in silence.

To place on a pedestal what was once hidden in a corner.

To bring fame to what once brought shame.

The original handheld bidet.

Drop 4 is the story of a Lota; a multipurpose water vessel from the Indian subcontinent made from a variety of materials such as copper, brass, or plastic. Lotas can be used for water storage, bathing, religious rituals, gardening, and much more. The most common lota found in our homes is a plastic one nestled somewhere in the shadows of our bathrooms.  

Explaining the utility of a lota to outsiders is often a tricky task for South Asian Americans. Particularly when considering the universal presence of toilet paper which is considered sufficient for much of the world. The truth is our history, culture, religions, and science all confirm that the lota is the ideal tool for personal hygiene, so why do we tiptoe around this taboo toilet treasure? 

The HYFN Lota is here to reframe a narrative, honor our culture, and celebrate our history with shimmering pride. By crystallizing this form we invite conversation rather than run from it. This is one lota you won’t hide.

The HYFN Crystal Lota is a physical art piece designed by Atif Ateeq.
There are only 3 Crystal Lotas ever made.

Over 7000 Premium Quality  Crystals 

Hand crafted in New York City -

Plastic lota base made in Bangladesh  by RFL

Packaged in a professional grade Pelican case 

Currently priced at : $4000
SOLD  : 1 of 3