HYFN is a hybrid between traditional and newer systems of thinking. It was born out of the desire to create and to have a new type of dialogue with who we are creating for: you. We reject all forces designed to limit or silence us, especially if those forces may be coming from within. 

We are a South Asian American clothing brand and storytelling platform. We design and develop collections of products to create a new offering in the market that speaks directly to us. At the same time, we document and amplify stories of South Asian disruptors in an effort to build community, empower and inspire. 

But we are so much more than that.

HYFN is the unhinged fire within you that pushes you to create. It’s the bold manifestation of our collective potential. HYFN is harmony between heritage and reality, the not-so-familiar feeling that we belong. It is the dream your parents had before traveling to the unknown world. HYFN is a new chapter in the immigrant story. It is a fight against racism and prejudices of all forms, a safe space for all. It is ego death. It is concept to completion. It’s outrageous and understated. It is dichotomy. It is style that’s eternal. HYFN rejects perfectionist thinking and embraces fault. It is elegance, but not snobbery. HYFN celebrates who you are in your truest form. It’s a future that’s brown. It is a vibe that’s alive. It is a home.

This is our time to tell the stories that we live. To be limitless in how we see ourselves and fearless in who we want to be. This is our renaissance. 

Our imagination is rooted in generations of creativity, and we have yet to see what it looks like when we come together. 

About us:

HYFN is the vision of Atif Ateeq (@atif) and Humai Mustafa (@humai). We are Pakistani-American creative entrepreneurs who are married. Together we founded a content production studio called HAPPYMONDAY that we run alongside HYFN, creating a beautiful symbiosis and crossover between the worlds of business, fashion, art, content and community.

Our individual experiences as South Asians in America have been vastly different, but we share a multicultural perspective, a desire to deepen our relationship with the community and to create spaces that uplift and position us to thrive. This is our calling.